ORT JUMP Virtual Graduation 2021

06.07.21ORT JUMP

The ORT JUMP Virtual Graduation 2021 took place on Tuesday evening, to celebrate nearly 300 Year 12 students across 12 schools, completing the ORT JUMP mentoring programme.

Guest mentors, brothers David Kosky (Co-founder Work.Life) and Adam Kosky (Founder DigiBrain Consulting and Co-founder Scoot the City) were interviewed by their cousin Jessica Kosky (Founder, Happy Body Club) about their career journeys and the importance of mentoring.

An awards ceremony followed, which included three ‘Outstanding Student of the Year’ awards, for mentees who submitted winning essays detailing how they’d benefitted from their ORT JUMP experience:


Christivie Waka Isungi – La Sainte Union

“I’m really grateful for the award because it’s been a really great learning experience and I love that ORT JUMP has given me such a great opportunity to learn more about myself and the workplace.”

Christivie’s mentor, Gill Freedman, said, “I’m so proud of Christivie and this is so well deserved. She was a joy to have as a mentee. Right from the beginning she was so friendly, polite and professional and those three things alone will get you far, wherever you want to go. Her confidence grew during the programme and I can’t wait to see where she goes in the future.”

Robbie Schuster – Yavneh College

“The experience I’ve had from ORT JUMP has been phenomenal. My mentor and I achieved all our objectives together and I’ve learnt so much.”

Robbie’s mentor, Sonia London, said, “Robbie has been an absolute delight. He’s been enthusiastic every step of the way. His professionalism has really developed during the programme and he’s mastered how to articulate his experiences well in an interview setting. He’s a very diligent student and to see someone takes things so seriously and be so conscientious was a real joy. He’s been outstanding and ORT JUMP has been really great for both of us.”

Alec Kay – JCoSS

“I’m really thankful to ORT JUMP because my confidence levels have been raised quite a bit over the past year and I don’t think they would have without the programme.”

Alec’s Mentor: Stephen Clayman said, Alec has always been punctual and attentive and asked lots of enquiring questions about what policing really stood for. He spoke to frontline officers and people involved in working with young people and understood their different perspectives. He cares about people, which is what policing is all about, so I’m chuffed that he won this. He’s a credit to the school and it’s been a real honour.”

ORT JUMP Programme Managers Mia Lyons and Anna Black have received a huge amount of positive feedback on this year’s programme from mentors, mentees, students and teachers! Mia said, “We are delighted that the ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme 2021 has been so successful and we are extremely grateful to our wonderful team of mentors. Despite a very challenging year, they have gone out of their way to ensure that their mentees have had an experience that will give them the JUMP-start they need to get ahead on their career journeys.”

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