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ORT UK Legacy Programme

ORT UK are passionate about unleashing the potential of young people so they can lead fulfilling lives and have a positive impact on the world around them.

Find out how your legacy gift could change a life.

ORT UK – a legacy could change a life

One of the best ways to make a difference after you’ve gone is to include a legacy gift in your will. By supporting charities such as ORT UK, your generosity could change a young person’s life.

ORT UK is one of those charities that benefits from the kindness of strangers who leave legacy gifts as part of their will. But how does your support help a charity like ORT and how do you include a legacy gift in your will?

ORT UK Overview

ORT UK is part of the ORT global network, which has been transforming lives through training and education since 1880. From its origins, teaching impoverished Russian Jews essential trades and professions, ORT has evolved to provide 21st century skills to empower people and strengthen communities.

The ORT network now reaches over 200,000 people a year in more than 30 countries. We provide a combination of high-level science and technology education driven by Jewish values, bridging the gap between ability and opportunity.

ORT UK was founded in 1921 to fundraise for ORT’s international projects and teach skilled trades to Jewish communities trapped in poverty. Today, ORT UK continues to support global projects through a series of annual fundraising events. We also run local projects including the ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme and the ORT NXT Lay Leadership Programme.

Our Field of Work

ORT’s global education network is driven by Jewish values and innovation, preparing people and communities for meaningful, self-sufficient futures led by our three central pillars:

Education for Life

Providing students with the skills to thrive through high-quality teaching and training.

ORT programmes prepare students for careers in developing industries. As workplace opportunities rapidly evolve, ORT teaches new skills needed to gain and maintain expertise for employment in sought-after fields.

Global Citizenship

Preparing students to lead socially responsible lives. ORT students develop an increased understanding of moral and ethical issues beyond their geographic boundaries, allowing them to make better-informed choices for themselves and for society.

Jewish Experience

Ensuring Jewish continuity by enriching Jewish education, identity and appreciation of Jewish tradition, values, and culture. ORT schools are the primary source of Jewish affiliation for many students and their families – providing a direct connection to our religion, history, and culture.

How do I leave a legacy gift?

A legacy gift could make a massive difference to a charity like ORT UK. However, it is a complex area that needs careful consideration, as it will affect issues such as inheritance tax

Any gift you make in your will or during your lifetime to a UK charity is exempt from inheritance tax. In fact, if you leave 10% or more of your total assets (once all liabilities have been accounted for), it will result in a reduction in the amount of inheritance tax levied against the rest of your estate.

That could mean that your chosen charity benefits more, and your loved ones pay less tax whilst still receiving the same amount of inheritance the majority of the estate.

How to set up a legacy gift

There are several ways you could leave a legacy gift including:

  • Leaving it to the discretion of your trustees – You draw up a letter of wishes for your executor stating you’d like to leave 10% of your estate to charity. The charities are named as discretionary beneficiaries.
  • A clause specifying charitable bequests – this is included in your last will and testament. You can specify that the bequests are only eligible if the lower tax rate applies.

How can I be sure the charity gets their money?

To ensure that the charity of your choice benefits from your legacy gift, it’s best to use an expert solicitor to draw up a will. Although it is possible to write your own will, it is best to have a legal expert check it to ensure it is drafted correctly and utilizes all the tax reliefs available.

Where do I find out more about leaving a legacy?

For more information, please contact our legacy team who can guide you through the process on 020 7446 8520 or send us an email Ros.Wagman@ortuk.org

Roslyn Wagman ORT UK Trustee

“It is amazing to think that over two decades have rushed by since I joined the Friends of ORT Committee as a favour to the then resigning President. I became Chair almost immediately to fill the gap and having begged my dear friend the late Susan Caplan to help me with this task, she thankfully agreed and so we became Co-Chairs from 2002 to 2012. I became a Trustee of ORT UK shortly thereafter. Over the years my work with ORT and my understanding of the huge importance of our work has grown as I visited our ORT Schools and attended ORT meetings worldwide. Educating our Jewish children is vital for their future success to enable them and their families to become independent and it is indeed very rewarding to meet these young people from all corners of the world and see and feel their gratitude at the opportunity they have been afforded. I do enjoy being part of the ORT family and witnessing the difference ORT continues to make.”