Help Young People to Face the Future

Your donation will help to transform the lives of young people in Ukraine, Israel and across the globe by giving them the education they deserve and in the UK through our ORT JUMP programmes.

  • £10 can buy robotics kits to support technology education for underprivileged pupils in the former Soviet Union
  • £25 could help provide career mentoring for sixth formers across 14 schools, by providing training for their mentors and teachers
  • £50 could help support technology workshops and science lessons at ORT’s 17 schools across the former Soviet Union
  • £100 could help fund teacher training courses for Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers at more than 20 ORT schools around the world including Israel, Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania
  • £200 can go towards providing schooling in hospitals throughout Israel for long term sick and hospitalised children in 35 general and psychiatric hospitals and in rehabilitation institutions
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I’m a father of two children who are studying in ‘my’ school. The technology education helped me to launch my own business and Jewish education let me know who I am and what my roots are.

Eugene Berman, father of two students and alumnus graduating in 1999.