We are a global education network driven by Jewish values and innovation, preparing people and communities for meaningful, self-sufficient futures.

ORT has been transforming lives through training and education since 1880. From focusing on teaching 19th century Russian Jews essential trades and professions, we have evolved to provide 21st century skills that empower individuals and strengthen communities and Jewish life worldwide. The ORT network reaches 200,000 people, in over 40 countries, in more than 40 schools, two universities, and vocational training programmes.

ORT connects and supports Jewish communities by focusing on three pillars:

Education For Life

Providing students with the skills to thrive through high-quality teaching and training.

ORT programmes prepare students for careers in developing industries. As workplace opportunities rapidly evolve, ORT teaches new skills needed to gain and maintain expertise for employment in sought-after fields.

Global Citizenship

Preparing students to lead socially responsible lives.

ORT students develop an increased understanding of moral and ethical issues beyond their geographic boundaries, allowing them to make better-informed choices for themselves and for society.

Jewish Experience

Ensuring Jewish continuity by enriching Jewish education, identity and appreciation of Jewish tradition, values and culture.

ORT schools are the primary source of Jewish affiliation for many students and their families – providing a direct connection to our religion, history and culture

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