ORT UK is part of the ORT global network, which has been transforming lives through training and education since 1880.

The ORT network now reaches over 200,000 people a year in 39 countries, providing a combination of high-level science and technology education driven by Jewish values, bridging the gap between ability and opportunity

ORT UK was founded in 1921 to fundraise for ORT’s international projects and teach skilled trades to Jewish communities trapped in poverty.


Today, ORT UK’s objective is to continue to raise funds to support World ORT in its mission to make an Impact Through Education.

ORT is reducing the socioeconomic gaps in society, enabling the next generation to face the future by:

·       Providing students with skills to thrive, through high quality teaching and training

·       Preparing students to lead socially responsible lives

·       Ensuring Jewish continuity by enriching Jewish education, identity, and appreciation of tradition, values and culture

UK Programmes

In the UK, we run our own programmes preparing secondary school students for the working world, including:

The ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme

The ORT JUMP Employability Programmes

We are passionate about unleashing the potential of young people so they can make a positive contribution to the world around them.



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The ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme

The ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme is ORT UK’s flagship domestic project.

A mentoring programme for students in their first year of sixth form (Year 12), ORT JUMP is designed to help bridge the gap between school and the workplace. Established in 2009 by Julia Alberga, with support from World ORT, ORT JUMP is now working with over 350 students across 14 schools. Mentors from a wide range of industries, meet with their mentees four times over the duration of the academic year, to discuss topics such as qualifications and career paths, working hours, essential skills and training. Many of our students find work experience and acceptance onto corporate schemes through the programme.


The ORT JUMP Employability Programmes

The ORT JUMP Employability Programmes

Our brand new ORT JUMP employability programmes help young people explore different careers and gain awareness of the skills required by their future employers, which will prepare them for the workplace.


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