Meet the ORT UK team!

  • Dan Rickman

    Chief Executive

    Dan is the Chief Executive of ORT UK, responsible for overseeing the charity's fundraising strategy, as well as growing the national profile and presence. Dan was previously the Executive Director of Mitzvah Day and has worked for a number of Jewish organisations and charities throughout his career including Magen David Adom, Langdon and Jeneration. Inspired to engage with Jewish communities both at home and internationally, Dan continues to drive ORT UK to make an Impact through Education.

  • Hayley Costa

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

    Hayley provides professional support to the CEO and plays a key role in supporting major donors and assisting with events. She has worked for a number of Jewish organisations and charities throughout her career, including The CST and Westminster Synagogue. She is very excited to be part of the ORT UK team.

  • Mia Lyons

    Programme Manager

    Mia was the ORT JUMP coordinator from 2013-2018. The programme grew from 80 mentor and student partnerships to over 250 during this time and Mia also oversaw the introduction of 5 local community schools. After spending some time working on a Careers Education Programme for Y7-Y11, Mia is now working on the expansion of the ORT JUMP programme into three new community sectors. Mia began her career working in account management for a large advertising agency and went on to run her own fashion business.

  • Anna Black

    Programme Manager

    Anna began her career journey as a corporate liaison manager for the Science Museum. More recently she has worked for Jewish charity Jnetics, while also fulfilling the role of governor at her daughters’ primary school. Anna hopes to continue the ORT JUMP Mentoring Programme’s success, giving students opportunities and insight into their potential future careers.

  • Julie Cohen

    ORT JUMP Employability Skills Programme Leader

    Julie was a teacher in Scotland for many years until she moved to London in 2019, when she began teaching at Yavneh Primary School. She then decided to have a career change but was keen to continue to work within the education system. Julie has recently joined the ORT JUMP team and is excited to develop their Employability Skills Programmes.

  • Beth Kulawy

    Community Fundraising and Engagement Officer

    Beth has worked in the Jewish education sector voluntarily and professionally for over 12 years and completed a degree in Psychology with Clinical Approach BSc in 2019. She is passionate about the development and opportunities available for young people and is now working with ORT UK, developing community fundraising and engagement opportunities!

  • Karen Shooter

    Creative Director

    Karen joined the team in early 2023 as Creative Director, managing the development of all ORT UK brand collateral and heading up creative & operational support for all events, campaigns and projects. Karen has 30 years experience designing in publishing, branding, entertainment, events, hospitality and charities in both digital and print.

  • Debbie Lightman

    Communications and Marketing Manager

    Debbie joined the team in 2017. Having spent a year as a fieldworker for the Union of Jewish Students in 2001, Debbie then pursued a career in journalism, working as a feature writer for a variety of national magazines. In 2013, Debbie began freelancing for the Jewish News supplements, which prompted a move back into the Jewish arena. At ORT UK, she runs the website and social media platforms, as well as managing press & publicity and hopes to continue raising the charity's profile.

  • Natalie Lieberman

    Finance and Database Manager

    Natalie joined us in 2014 as maternity cover and has been with us ever since. She runs the office looking after all the finances and administration. She previously worked for CST and prior to that spent 17 years as an exhibition designer.

At ORT UK, we are part of ORT’s global network empowering young people through life-changing education.

Simon Alberga, Chairman ORT UK