ORT educates over 37,000 students (full and part-time) annually across 40 cities in 10 countries throughout the CIS and Baltic States: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

There are more than one million Jews (as defined by Israel’s Law of Return) in the region, but up to 85% are unaffiliated, as communities continue to recover from decades of repression. ORT’s aim is to provide a quality education which attracts the non-affiliated to the Jewish community and produces its next generation of leaders.

Science & Technology Education – ORT’s network of 16 schools is the largest Jewish schools network in the FSU. The schools, which are inclusive and secular, provide the highest quality general, STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Jewish education.

Jewish Studies – The Jewish education programme in ORT schools in the FSU focuses on increasing students’ Jewish identity and knowledge. Hebrew lessons and classes in Jewish history, culture and traditions enable students to explore their roots and develop pride in their Judaism.

Adult Education – ORT is also committed to supporting adults in the FSU. In large communities, ORT training centres provide IT skills for those who would like to improve their employability. In addition ORT’s KesherNet centres in small communities, provide vocational training for women, enabling them to find employment.