ORT UK Virtual Business Event: Back To The Future

Olly Olsen – Co-founder, The Office Group (TOG)
Josh Graff – UK Country Manager & VP, EMEA & LATAM, LinkedIn
Sophie Eden – Co-founder, Gordon & Eden
Euan Blair – Founder, Multiverse

Top Tips for Students

• Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone in your field that you admire and ask them for a coffee and their advice. You’ll be surprised how often they respond positively.

• The founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, strongly recommends that we build our own personal board of directors/mentors that we can go to for advice and candid feedback.

• Surround yourself with people who have complimentary skills to yours. Know what you’re not good at as well as your strengths and share the journey!

• Make your own choices and don’t allow yourself to be set on one path because it’s what people expect of you. Patrick Collison who founded Stripe said, ‘If you think something is important but people older than you don’t hold it in high regard, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re right and they’re wrong. Status lags by a generation or more.’

• Figure out what you enjoy and what you’re good at. You can be really successful doing something you love or you can turn your hobby in to your job, so explore and do lots of different things.

• Don’t let ambition rob you of the joy of the journey. Enjoy the process along the way to success.

• Be yourself. Everyone else is taken