There Then. Here Now.

In honour of our centenary, ORT UK has launched its ‘There Then. Here Now’ campaign, reflecting on past ground-breaking projects, while reminding everyone that we are still working hard to offer life-changing opportunities to young people both internationally and at home.

ORT UK has been known throughout its history for responding to new challenges facing the Jewish community. From rehabilitating holocaust survivors with post-war skills training, through to offering cutting-edge IT workshops during the technological revolution of the ‘90s, ORT UK has always been at the forefront of equipping communities with the skills and knowledge to help foster economic self-sufficiency.

Today, ORT UK has quickly adapted to help students cope with the disruption brought about by the pandemic. We’ve continued to fundraise for ORT beneficiaries around the globe, moving our annual events online with great success. Meanwhile, the ORT JUMP mentoring programme has continued to grow, with over 300 mentors sharing industry advice over video calls, a second series of expert-led careers seminars underway and three exciting pilot schemes have been set in motion.

ORT UK was There Then and is still Here Now. To ensure that ORT UK is here for the next 100 years, please consider making a donation. Or if you would like to volunteer your time and join ORT JUMP  please email us.

Many thanks for your continued support.