Run the London Marathon 2020!

Do you want to run the London Marathon in 2020?

Would you like to help children around the world gain access to a high-quality education, ensuring a brighter future?

Join Team ORT UK 2020 and together we can make an Impact Through Education!

Get in touch today and find out about the support package we offer, including personal training sessions and nutritional advice and recipes!




Our fitness and nutrition experts

Josh Portnoi is a strength & conditioning and injury prevention specialist. Working as a personal trainer and coach in London, Josh has worked with many runners helping them get stronger and quicker!

Sophie Bertrand is a registered associate nutritionist (ANutr) who works with individuals to cultivate a non-restrictive diet and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Sam Josephs is a nutritional therapist who believes passionately in diet and lifestyle intervention as a powerful preventative approach to all chronic health conditions and for optimum health.

Dr Michelle Braud is a qualified doctor, who runs her own nutrition practice, The Food Effect and is author of bestseller, The Food Effect Diet. She often helps clients seeking advice on fitness nutrition, including those training for the marathon.