ORT Ukraine Appeal

The ORT global network has been actively supporting around 4000 ORT Ukraine staff, students and families, since war broke out in February 2022. We have provided extensive emergency aid including food, medicine and financial support as well as ensuring provision of uninterrupted education, safety, shelter, connectivity and mental health services.

As the conflict continues, our ORT community in Ukraine are desperately in need of extra funding to purchase the following:

£500,000 – Repairs and Equipment for Underground School Shelters

Students in Zaporizhzhya and Odessa are unable to attend in-person lessons in safety until shelters are fit for purpose. Supplies needed across all schools include classroom furniture, air filters and mattresses.

£40,000 – Practical and Financial Support for the Bereaved and Homeless

Students and their families are struggling financially due to loss of a parent in conflict and missile attacks destroying homes.

£200,000 – Emergency Evacuation Fund

Damage to the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant may have catastrophic consequences for the nearby ORT “Aleph” Jewish Gymnasium, which must have the means to evacuate at speed.

£80,000 – School Security Guards

Security is required for five ORT schools to ensure students and staff can attend in safety.

£200,000: Generators and Charging Stations

Urgent need for emergency power supplies and charging equipment for schools at times of prolonged blackouts in time for winter.

£120,000 – Professional Psychological Support

Increasing numbers of students and staff are struggling with severe anxiety in traumatic circumstances.

£95,000 – School Staff Salaries

Financial support for ORT school staff is needed due to salaries being cut, despite teachers working 12-hour days to offer both in-person and online lessons.

£120,000 – Jewish Education

Jewish Studies teachers are required across six ORT schools to help ensure students develop a strong Jewish identity and values.

With your generosity we can continue to provide essential humanitarian, financial and emotional support to our ORT community in Ukraine, as well as ensuring that our students continue to receive a seamless education and retain an element of normalcy, in what is a frightening and uncertain situation.

Thank you for your support.