ORT Ukraine Update - Winter 2022

In Ukraine, ORT supports around 8000 students, staff and families across five ORT schools, two affiliate schools and six IT education centres in six cities and towns.

Delivering lessons in the midst of the ongoing conflict is complex. However, our teachers and administrators both in Ukraine and abroad, remain committed to continuing to educate students and to assisting their families.

While some of our schools have reopened for in-person teaching, others are closed due to security concerns and around 50 per cent of our children are learning online, either at home, displaced within the country or oversees. Many students are attending different ORT schools, joining regular in person classes in the morning and learning online with their Ukrainian teachers in the afternoon.

ORT has provided more than $1.5M of aid during the conflict. Our current priorities are:

  • Food aid
  • Financial support for families and teachers
  • Safe transport for students
  • Ongoing security needs

There is an urgent need to provide food. At schools with in-person learning, up to 2,000 meals are needed every day.

In Kyiv and Chernivtsi, bomb shelters have been refurbished and also now include evacuation equipment and emergency response kits. The next stage involves creating ‘sleeping spaces’ in the shelters, with blankets, sleeping bags, heaters, drinking water and other essentials. We will also equip every classroom with first aid kits and emergency supplies.

Teachers in Odesa and Zaporizhzhia have received first aid training, with colleagues in Chernivtsi, the Kyiv schools and Bila Tserkva learning emergency response training. Schools have also spent time learning about the danger posed by mines.

We will continue to provide direct financial assistance to ORT families who have been most seriously affected by the collapse of Ukraine’s economy. Teachers will continue to receive a salary assistance from ORT. The costs of providing ongoing security at the schools, and safe transport across cities for our students, continue to rise.

Thousands of people require our ongoing support – both to overcome the current challenges, and to prepare for the inevitable long-term difficulties Ukraine faces. Our pledge is to do everything possible to support our students, their families, and our schools and programmes for as long as necessary.