ORT Ukraine – Two Years On


On 24th February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, life changed beyond recognition for our students, staff and their families living in the region. Overnight, our ORT Ukraine schools were transformed from happy, bustling hubs of learning, friendship and possibility to emergency shelters for terrified families fleeing their homes.

As a global organisation, we immediately mobilised to send emergency aid including food, medical supplies and equipment, while our staff on the ground cared for the families, arranging evacuations, accommodation and regular meals.

As the months passed, multiple countries across the ORT global network from Moldova to Israel, welcomed families into their homes and schools. However, around two thirds of our 3800 students and 370 teachers remained in Ukraine, although many were displaced from their home towns.

Over the past two years, thanks to your generous donations, we’ve provided the community with financial, practical, educational and psychological support.

ORT Ukraine’s schooling continues in-person and online across six Ukrainian cities. But there is constant disruption and our students and staff remain at risk, as they try to continue with their learning.

An estimated £1.5m is needed to meet their ongoing needs. This includes funds for:

– meals

– security

– power supplies

– school equipment

– bomb shelter supplies

– school building repairs due to shelling damage and shockwaves

– trauma counselling

– Jewish education and literature

– special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) support

Please DONATE NOW to help support our ORT students, staff and families in Ukraine during the ongoing war, which is having a devastating affect on their mental health as they fear for their short and long-term future.

Thank you for your ongoing support.