Ukraine Crisis Appeal

For over 25 years, ORT has built schools and training centres in Ukraine and there are now more than 8,000 students, staff and families who rely on ORT as part of their daily lives.

In response ORT UK has:

– Partnered with World Jewish Relief. We felt that this collaboration was the most effective way of ensuring that emergency aid could reach our Ukrainian families. You can continue to donate directly to WJR via this link. Together, we have secured 5,000 food and medicine parcels worth over £40,000, which have been distributed across our network of schools. WJR confirmed their arrival last weekend.

You can continue to support ORT Students directly by filling in the form below, enabling us to:

– Support World ORT, who are offering financial aid to anyone in need – not just ORT families.

– Arrange transport to ensure families can safely leave Ukraine.

– Supply three fully stocked ambulances in Ukraine offering aid to ANYONE who needs it.

– Help ORT Schools in Bulgaria, Israel, and Moldova, who are taking in Ukrainian refugees.


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