Book Donations

ORT UK believe that empowering young children to understand their mental wellbeing is a vital life lesson.

This is something made even more pertinent as the world begins to emerge from the pandemic. We want to make sure that Esther Marshall’s books ‘ Sophie Says It’s Okay Not To Be Okay’ becomes essential reading for all UK Jewish Primary School children from the ages of 4-8 years old and the global ORT network of schools.

1 child will receive a book
5 children will receive a book
10 children will receive a book

30 children or an entire class will receive a book
All children up to Year 3 in an entire school will receive a book

    • £8

    • £40

    • £80

    • £240

    • £1000

    • Other

I want all children to know and believe that they can achieve their dreams regardless of gender, race, religion or class

Esther Marshall, Author