Students At Risk In Israel

World ORT is seeking funding for its Students at Risk program, which assists underprivileged children in ORT-affiliated schools. Your support will help students in socioeconomically deprived regions to reach their full potential and give them new hope for the future. A large number of students attending ORT-affiliated schools come from poor backgrounds, with parents who are either unemployed or underemployed. Other children experience family crises that have disrupted household income, such as the death or serious illness of a relative. As a result, many parents find it difficult to provide for the basic school needs of their children. Even with the best pedagogical facilities, many students with ability and potential may not succeed if we fail to provide for these needs. Over the past several years of running this program, we have found that students with ability often fall behind because they cannot afford their own schoolbooks or they fall behind after suffering loss of self-esteem because they do not have basics such as school bags, writing and drawing equipment, shoes for sports lessons or a new school shirt. The Students at Risk program ensures that all students have the opportunity to benefit from Science Journey, and that their educational advancement is not jeopardised for want of basic supplies. World ORT’s aim is to ensure that:

  • All students will be able to achieve their full potential;
  • No student will suffer disadvantage simply because they live in a poorer area; and
  • Every student will have the opportunity they need and deserve in order to succeed.

The selected students, who will be identified by the school principal as being in need of assistance, will receive vouchers in the form of magnetic cards from a large chain department store, enabling each of them to purchase items essential for their school life. Each student will receive one voucher worth 470 NIS for sports shoes and clothes, and a second voucher worth 165 NIS for school supplies. A generous donation of £3000 will ensure that 36 needy students are able to purchase essential items such as sports shoes and clothes and school supplies, leading to improved confidence and engagement in school life.

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