Small Jewish Communities in the FSU

ORT UK’s key fundraising project for 2012 is a programme to support small communities in the Former Soviet Union.
In these towns, the presence of a strong Jewish and vocational education can make all the difference between a community with a prosperous future and one which disappears through emigration and assimilation.

In smaller communities, far more so than in larger Jewish centres, parents are still reluctant to openly identify their children as Jewish, and it is only the promise of an unrivalled vocational education, transport and hot meals which ensures they send their children to an ORT school.

Once there, the students are able to learn openly about their Jewish faith, bringing practice and traditions back into their families and rebuilding up the generations the chain of tradition which communism sought to sever.

ORT UK’s campaign focuses in particular on the following communities:
- The ORT Jewish School, Kazan, Russia
‐ The ORT‐Gesher School, Samara, Russia
‐ The ORT Alef Jewish Grammar School, Zaporojie, Ukraine
‐ ORT Odessa, Ukraine
‐ ORT Herzl Technology Lyceum, Kishinev, Moldova
‐ The Pri Etz Chaim School, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
‐ ORT Bialik School, Minsk, Belarus
‐ The ORT Shalom Aleichem Jewish School, Vilnius, Lithuania
‐ Municipal Jewish School, Tallinn, Estonia
‐ ORT Dubnov School, Riga, Latvia

The campaign will be providing vital new equipment to these ORT schools, training for teachers and desperately-needed social support such as security, school transport and hot school meals.

ORT UK aims to raise at least £0.5m to support those communities in 2012. Help us by donating.

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