Providing Informal Jewish Education at ORT Rambam School, Kishinev, 2010-2012

The ORT Rambam School is one of two ORT Schools operating in the city. It provides ORT's specialist education in Jewish Studies and Information Technology alongside a full state curriculum.

Most of the school's students grew up in homes where little, if anything, was known of the traditions of the Jewish faith. Years under Communism had left parents and even grandparents out of touch with even the most basic aspects of religious practice.

The ORT Rambam School aims to rebuild this knowledge in its students and their families through a range of informal Jewish education activities such as celebrations of the festivals and Hebrew and Yiddish language teaching.

Through the support of the Pacey Foundation, ORT UK has been instrumental in helping the school to continue providing these extra-curricular activities to its students and their families, ensuring that they have the knowledge and confidence to bring Judaism back into their homes.

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Our Bar/Batmitzvah twinning group have returned from an incredible weekend in Kiev.

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