The ORT School, Odessa, 2004-2008

The collapse of the Soviet Union and Ukraine’s independence in 1991 brought a revival of Jewish life to Odessa. However, the high levels of immigration to Israel and other western countries left the community without its natural leadership.

Ukraine’s economic problems also affected the Jewish community, with many suffering serious economic hardship.

ORT arrived in Odessa to help the community rebuild its knowledge base, and to shape the future generation of the community into a confident, highly skilled body of young people with a strong sense of Jewish identity and values.

ORT's 473 students, aged 5-17, were taught a combined curriculum of the educational requirements of the Ukrainian authorities with a rich and comprehensive Jewish syllabus, and ORT’s cutting edge technology education and vocational training. In order to remain relevant, ORT Odessa needed to continually develop and improve both its facilities and its staff and it was for this that they turned to ORT UK.

Our school is different from the other city schools. First of all, at this school we can always remember that we are Hebrew! Our teachers want we to know our history, national traditions and, of course, our language.

“Secondly, at our school we studied informatics from 1 grade. Our teachers teach us work with computers professionally. Today, good work with computer is very appreciated, and we can do this work. This possibility has not every school. All of this is due to the ORT program. It gives us possibility to keep step with time. “ Sasha Domovskaya , Student, 9-B grade, The ORT School, Odessa.

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Our Bar/Batmitzvah twinning group have returned from an incredible weekend in Kiev.

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