KesherNet - Expanding Employment Opportunities for Women in the Ukraine

ORT-KesherNet is a network of training centres in the former Soviet Union aimed principally at women, and geared towards helping people to improve their employment prospects, and for those in employment, to help them to progress. The program serves outlying communities, far from the major cities, where job prospects and the local economic situation is more challenging.

The program, a joint project of World ORT and Project Kesher, began in 1999 and currently has 15 centres, in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

For the past ten years ORT-KesherNet has been focused on giving people the ICT skills they most need, and it has done so with outstanding success. More than 20,000 women have graduated from the ORT- KesherNet program with the majority successfully improving their economic situation – and at an average cost of less than $100 per person trained. Moreover, many of the graduates have become more engaged in improving their communities through volunteerism or philanthropy.

ORT-KesherNet centres are open to all members of the community based on need. The project prioritizes the training of women, including single mothers, the unemployed, refugees and others who are among the most vulnerable in the community. ORT-KesherNet centres are located in communities where Project Kesher has a strong relationship with local Jewish organizations. At each location, ORT and Project Kesher work closely with local communities and their leaders. In this way we are able to deliver the program to those who will benefit the most.

ORT UK is looking to secure funds of £100,000 towards the costs of running these centres.

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