Building a new Science and Technology Centre for Sha'ar HaNegev Regional High School

Sha’ar HaNegev Regional High School, located just outside Sderot in Southern Israel, has been a regular target for Kassam rockets from Gaza. ORT UK is working to provide its students with a safer learning environment.

Sha’ar HaNegev is on Israel’s new front line. If the state is to survive, small as it is, it cannot afford for its people to abandon the region. The mayor of the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, consulting with his electorate, noted that the one thing they consistently reported would keep them in the region was a better standard of education for their children than they could hope to get elsewhere.

Using our 130 years of experience in education, ORT has committed to providing Sha’ar HaNegev Regional High School with a new, rocket-proof Science and Technology Centre which will not only allow its students to study in peace, but will make the school a regional centre of excellence, producing graduates able to attract industry to the region and thus to ensure its future.

ORT UK has now successfully raised the funds required and the new centre will be officially opened on 26 June 2012.

“We're all excited about it. Everything will be very modern with Interactive Whiteboards for everybody. At the moment only the middle school has them.” Asher Wolfe, Sha'ar HaNegev student

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