Assessment in my Palm – Shikma Regional High School, Hof Ashkelon

Shikma Regional High School is one of the World ORT-affiliated schools which have been offered the choice of five essential pedagogical programs to help students gain specialized knowledge in pertinent subjects and to develop skills which can be used productively in the future to benefit the students themselves, their communities and the whole country.

With a view to the main needs of the school, the students have chosen Assessment in my Palm as the programme in which World ORT is to invest. The programme will take place over 4 years and will also include in-service teacher training provision, and project evaluation.

Assessment in my Palm is a World ORT project to provide students with the means to record their ideas and problems as they work, using written and audio notes, sketches and photographs. Students are each provided with a tablet with software to enable them to create an e-portfolio that documents every aspect of the process.

The Assessment in my Palm program will enable students to document their work while they are learning, in order to create a more engaging and interactive learning process. This is especially important for underachieving students who, according to prior research, find this educational approach much more interesting, leading to better grades. Using this technology, students will be more enthusiastic about their learning and teachers – who will receive training for optimum use of the new facilities, will be better able to assess their progress, as the documentation created by the student is saved on the internet and can be accessed by the teacher to help the student if necessary.

ORT UK is looking to secure funds of £35,000 towards this project.

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