Summer Lunch 2015 with guest speaker Barbara Winton

Not only was it a glorious sunny afternoon, but it was also another highly successful Friends of ORT event which took place in the stunning Landmark Hotel.  

Our guest speaker this year was author Barbara Winton, daughter of Humanitarian, Sir Nicholas Winton.

Barbara gave over 100 ladies and a few gentlemen an insight into the remarkable life of how her father rescued 669 Czechoslovakian children by planning their escape and a route out of Nazi occupation and into the safety of the UK.  The result being that over 6000 people are alive today because of his foresight and mastermind plan!

The survivors & descendants call themselves 'Nicky's children' and Barbara spoke about the pinnacle turning point of the story in 1988, some 50 years later, when the BBC invited Nicholas and his wife to attend a show 'That's Life' where many of the survivors surprised him on National Television.  This was to change his life forever as this story changed from being a personal one into an extraordinary one!

The lunch is always popular in the Friends of Ort Calendar and is always greatly supported. This year the funds will go towards programmes in Israel for sick children. Through the support of Friends of ORT, children who are hospitalised or at home and cannot attend school, are able to continue their education remotely.


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Our Bar/Batmitzvah twinning group have returned from an incredible weekend in Kiev.

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