Mentor Experiences

I have been blessed by ORT-JUMP to be provided with students who have so much more to offer than pure academics. In the mere hour a month I spend on ORT-JUMP, less than a day a year, I try to teach them to simply be a mensch - Stuart Epstein

I have mentored Adam over the past 6 months and it has been a privilege. I hope he has gained some useful tips and insights as he pursues a career in law. I only wish him well. It has been a great experience mentoring Adam – Ed Barnett

It was my pleasure to come and speak to the students. I love to share my experiences and to give as much advice as possible. I wish I had the opportunity when I was younger to have this experience. This is such a great program and am very happy to be involved. - Daryl Isaacs, Credit Suisse

ORT-JUMP gave me an opportunity to give something back - Jonny Wilks, Investec

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Our Bar/Batmitzvah twinning group have returned from an incredible weekend in Kiev.

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