Posted on Wednesday 13th December 2017
The first night of Chanukah at the ORT Educational Complex in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Happy Chanukah, Chag Sameach and thank you!

Chanukah is a special time of year for all of us – lighting candles in the darkness of winter and reflecting on a story of commitment, dedication and pride. For the young people and students in our schools, such as those pictured above at ORT Educational Complex in Kiev, Chanukah is a particularly exciting time, bringing doughnuts, latkes and gifts at the end of their winter term.

Just as we increase the amount of light in our homes and communities each night of Chanukah, ORT has been illuminating the lives of our beneficiaries, by increasing the range and scope of our education and training programmes for those who need it most.  

In this newsletter, you will read about the ORT-JUMP mentoring programme, our Bar-Bat mitzvah twinning programme and World ORT’s leadership programme for educators in the ORT network. Thanks to your support, ORT has been able to achieve so much in recent months, so I’d like to draw your attention (below) to eight other ORT stories to make the eight days of Chanukah even more meaningful.

On behalf of the trustees and professional staff at ORT UK and the hundreds of thousands of students and teachers in our programmes – I would like to say thank you. Your generosity and commitment means that ORT’s future is a bright one.

Best wishes

Adam Overlander-Kaye

Chief Executive, ORT UK


1. ORT UK is delighted to welcome Avi Ganon, the new Director General of World ORT, to London - READ MORE

2. World ORT and the Pope’s Scholas Occurrentes, have joined forces to teach the importance of dialogue and mutual respect, to teenagers from around the world. READ MORE

3. “World ORT Kadima Mada gives an opportunity to children of all the society levels, to integrate into the employment world.” These are the words of Member of Knesset, Yifat Shasha-Biton as seen in the latest ORT UK film highlighting our work in Israel. WATCH HERE

4. Hundreds of Israeli engineers will be trained through World ORT’s Anieres Elite Academy. READ MORE

5. Mazal tov to the team from the ORT school in Chernivtsi (Ukraine), for winning the Hackathon at the Kiev ORT Educational Complex. READ MORE/BROWSE PHOTOS

6. A new World ORT Young Entrepreneurship Programme will combine entrepreneurial learning with digital technology. READ MORE

7. A historic moment in the rebuilding of Spain’s Jewish community, as Madrid’s Estrella Toledano School joins the World ORT network. READ MORE

8. If you buy gifts online, you can support ORT UK – shop at websites such as Amazon, ASOS, John Lewis (and thousands more) and turn a percentage of what you spend into a donation. There’s no catch or hidden charges. It's really simple, all you have to do is go to and join for free!



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  • For International Holocaust Remembrance Day, please post a picture of yourself with a sign reading 'We Remember'. Together we can make sure the world never forgets the Holocaust #WeRemember
  • These Holocaust Survivors can never forget the Holocaust. In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, show your solidarity. Please post a picture of yourself on social media with a sign reading “We Remember.” Together, we can make sure the world never forgets the Holocaust. Your simple action, combined with millions of others, will have a huge impact. Thank you for remembering. #WeRemember
  • Meet Daniel, Shachar and Olga from the Kfar Hassidim school. these three young Israelis will receive their education thanks to ORT and will be the next generation of computer programmers, paramedics and mechanical engineers. In the words of Olga who is studying computer science and physics, "I want to be a computer programmer in the future. There were hardly any computers in the school two years ago but now in our new science lab the teachers help me achieve my dreams. I came from a difficult family background and being in the boarding school has helped me to turn my life around and focus on my studies. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my friends at this school."
  • Hodaya and Yasmin both dream of becoming doctors. Luckily, they're studying at the World ORT Kadima Mada Kfar Silver school near Ashkelon, Israel, which thanks to YOUR support, has brand new chemistry labs. No wonder it's their favourite lesson! "When we first came, the paint was coming off the walls and chairs were broken. The new classrooms help us learn better, because the teachers have better facilities and the room is more comfortable, making it easier to concentrate in class." It's all part of our long-term project to renovate the entire campus.
  • ORT UK shared World ORT's video.
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    Happy Chanukah, Chag Sameach and thank you!

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