Posted on Tuesday 26th September 2017

The days between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur are traditionally a time for contemplation and aspiration. Apple and honey give us a taste of our hopes for a sweet year and the sounds of the shofar are an opportunity to stop and listen to its call for reflection and action. Across the world these traditions are part of the fabric that weaves diverse Jewish communities together within the rich tapestry of Jewish peoplehood.

These ten days bring us the opportunity to realise that we can be agents of change for ourselves and for the communities and people that we are connected to. Whether in Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, Bulgaria, Argentina, South Africa or here in the UK, ORT delivers the education and training needed so our beneficiaries can develop and thrive. For 137 years ORT has been an agent of change. For 137 years ORT has been synonymous with transforming the lives of people across the world – often in challenging and complex communities.

Thanks to your support there are teachers, engineers, scientists, doctors making the world a better place. Our young people hope to cure cancer. Our beneficiaries will become robotics engineers. Our students want to design better prosthetic limbs. Our teachers will help their pupils realise their potential.

Thanks to your support we can continue empowering young people through life-changing education.

Wishing you, your family and community a sweet, happy and fulfilled year.

Adam Overlander-Kaye

Chief Executive, ORT UK


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